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Elite Math Mastery for High School

Want to know the real reason your child struggles with math?

The Ontario curriculum does not adequately prepare students with fundamental math skills. Elite Math Mastery focuses on perfecting core math skills for each grade and advanced learning to prepare for the next grade level. Your child's individualized program starts with a free math assessment to determine their strengths and maximize success.

Chemistry, Physics & Biology Success

Feeling the stress of STEM subject overload?

Your teen’s dedicated STEM tutor helps them learn the easiest and most effective methods for solving complex problems. 1:1 tutoring takes place either online or in-home so your child can ask the questions they feel intimidated to ask in class. Help your child develop the inquiry mindset for greater academic success.




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A+ Essay Writing Program

Does your teen procrastinate on their English homework?

Learning to write an essay as a step-by-step process helps your teen overcome essay writing anxiety. More often than not, students are not taught this skill despite being expected to write essays for many classes. Empower your child to master the writing process in either English or French using our award-winning A+ Essay Writing Program. Build strong essay writing skills that will create a  lifetime of success


What Students Say

First-class program with the most dedicated, caring and knowledgeable academic staff you could ever hope to meet. They matched me with my incredible tutor who has been such an amazing supporter and has helped boost my math and English writing confidence exponentially. The individualized math tutoring and essay writing plans and workbooks their team made for me had a huge impact on my success. My individual plans allowed me to learn all of the important skills that teachers kept skipping over in class.

-Nick W., Scholarly Elite Student

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