Easily avoid falling behind with

1:1 Online Tutoring to

build core skills and academic confidence.

Available for all subjects & grade levels.

Interactive 1:1 Learning Space

Your child's individualized tutoring sessions take place using industry-leading virtual classroom technology. Students and tutors collaborate effortlessly with video & audio conferencing as well as a shared whiteboard and document editing features to optimize academic success.

In-person Learning Materials

Each Elite Tier online student receives a physical copy of their personalized workbook with guided learning materials to facilitate concept mastery in between tutoring sessions. Your child's tutor also receives a digital copy of the workbook that they upload to the shared classroom.

Session Playback

Concept review comes easy with Session PLayback. Parents can opt for their child's session to be recorded for review later. Students can watch sessions back to go over or practice concepts taught by their tutor for optimal memorization and understanding.

What Parents Say

"Would highly recommend Scholarly Elite.

My children are both in high school and have seen excellent results with their tutor. He is knowledgeable about the curriculum and able to provide the support that they really need across all grades.."

-A. Phil, Scholarly Elite Parent

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