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Tired of  homework fights?

Get back to family bonding.

Experience the joy of building your child's academic strengths without any stress. Build a strong foundation that enables your child to succeed.

Make Family Time More Meaningful

No more endless waits in the car. Instead, our scientifically-validated assessments and individualized learning strategies pair perfectly with private tutoring at your home  to help you ensure your child's success while you relax.


Learn in Comfort At Home

Save driving time and reduce stress with tutoring sessions in the luxury of your own home. Private 1 : 1 tutoring allows you to streamline success.


Individualized Workbooks

Guided learning materials and worksheets delivered to your door follow your child's precise strategy to further enhance concept mastery.


Expert Educators

Your child is paired with the optimal tutor for their learning needs. No rotating tutors, and only qualified provincially-certified educators.



What We Do

We help parents build sustained academic success for their children without any stress along the way. Your child's  1 : 1  online tutoring drives high quality skill acquisition. Our free academic assessment model is proven to create a personalized learning strategy for sustained success.

Want a new perspective on growth?

Feel the Freedom of Academic Confidence with In-Home Tutoring

Free Grade-Specific

Skill Assessment


Curriculum & Worksheets

Grade Level


1:1 Elite Tier


Overcome Test Anxiety

& Procrastination

Flexible Scheduling

with Dedicated Tutor

Solidify Foundations

& Accelerate Mastery


What Parents Say

"Scholarly Elite has by far the best tutoring program out there - hands down, no question about it. Their assessment process is so detail-oriented, and their dedication to student success is unparalleled. Before finding Scholarly Elite we took our daughter to three other tutoring companies over the years. I can confidently say Scholarly Elite's method is 100% the gold standard."

-Pembe B., Google Review

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Want a new perspective on growth?

Book Your Child's Free Assessment Today

Step 1:

Free Core Skills Assessment

Step 2:

Master Fundamentals

Step 3:

Learn Ahead to Build Confidence

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