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Accelerate your child's success

Anywhere, any time.

Busy schedules make flexibility and precise expertise more important than ever. Build a strong foundation that enables your child to succeed.

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Fuel Academic Growth

Scholarly Elite's 1 : 1 Immersed Online Learning helps parents approach math, reading and writing mastery with an interactive method that fully engages students to produce better, more sustained academic success. 

It's All About Finding Fit

Our scientifically-validated assessments and individualized learning strategies are offered through the world-leading online tutoring system to help you ensure your child's success. 


Elevated 1 : 1 Learning

Immersive video & audio-enabled virtual classroom with a shared whiteboard and live instruction features to optimize success.


Individualized Workbooks

Guided learning materials and worksheets delivered to your door follow your child's precise strategy to further enhance concept mastery.


Session Playback

Parents can select session playback options to allow their child to review tutoring concepts after the session for maximized learning.

private online tutoring


What We Do

We help parents build academic success for their children without any stress along the way. Your child's  1 : 1  online tutoring drives high quality skill acquisition. We use a proven free academic assessment model to create a personalized learning strategy for sustained success.

Want a new perspective on growth?

Student Success


Would highly recommend Scholarly Elite. My children are both in high school and have seen excellent results with their tutor. He is knowledgeable about the curriculum and able to provide the support that they really need across all grades.

- A. Phil, Scholarly Elite Parent

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