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4 Tips to Help Boost Your Child's Academic Confidence

How can you help your child increase their confidence in their ability to learn?

1) Allow extra time for understanding

Teachers are required to teach at a certain pace to cover all of the necessary content. If your child doesn’t do “well” in a particular unit or on a test, encourage them to stick with the concepts beyond the allocated learning time for that unit. This will help them understand that they are in fact capable of understanding the material.

2) Start with success

When helping your child understand a new academic concept begin with attainable tasks that they have mastered before and follow with promoting incremental skill acquisition.

3) Monitor progress

As your child is completing their work it is important to ensure that they are completing tasks accurately and at a steady pace. Monitoring more frequently allows your child the opportunity to bring up difficulties they may be having while still fresh in their mind. This way, you can provide them with assistance when needed.

4) Provide feedback

Monitoring progress also allows for more frequent feedback and positive reinforcement. In offering prompt feedback you help your child solidify the behaviours that contribute to overall academic success.

“There is nothing more important for any student than believing that he or she is able to learn, grow and be successful.” – Sprick

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