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How Can You Help Your Child Improve Their Focus?

How can you help your child improve their focus?

New research has shown that focused attention is considered to be one of the most valuable soft skills as society becomes increasingly distracted.

Six tips on how to help your child build the habit of focus include: 1. Set a routine and clear, concise task expectations with short time limits for each task. 2. Break down information and assignments into smaller pieces. 3. Provide a range of activity options to choose from during homework time.

4. Reduce distractions (earplugs are very helpful with this). 5. Help them maintain an organized study environment and use positive reinforcement when they keep it clean. 6. Include short breaks for physical activity (stretches, silly dancing, etc.) Gradually incorporating focus strategies into a child's day-to-day routine can help them build strong habits for years to come.


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