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Ways to Study More Effectively

Studies show that Mnemonic devices are an effective memory technique you can use to help your child use alternative pathways to solidify the process of information encoding and retrieval. ⁣

This method is useful for all ages and can be applied to almost all subjects. ⁣

Here are some easy-to-use mnemonic techniques you can implement to encourage your child: ⁣

Musical Mnemonic

Consider how much easier it is to remember lyrics than it is to memorize a poem. Music helps memory because it provides rhythm, rhyme and tune that helps store information with alternative memory cues.

Encourage your children to use songs to help remember information, such as singing the ABC’s or Elements of the Periodic Table Song.  ⁣

️ Acronyms and Acrostics ⁣

Acronyms and acrostics are the most commonly used mnemonic strategies. Acronyms take the first letter in each word and acrostics takes the first letter from a phrase. These are both great learning tools that can be used to memorize information in almost any subject.⁣

Some common examples are: BEDMAS (Bracket, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction) to remember the order of operations in algebra, and “Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge” used to remember the lines in the Treble clef. ⁣

Empower your child by allowing them to choose the words that they will associate with each letter.⁣

Memory Palace

Memory Palace, also known as the Method of Loci is an effective mnemonic technique used to remember long lists of things. ⁣

The idea is to choose a familiar place that you can visualize easily in your mind (such as your home) and imagine you are walking it. ⁣

As you walk you associate the things you want to memorize with certain spots in the visual place. Order the items you want to memorize in the order you see them on your walk. To recall the list of items, you can then take an imaginary walk in your mind and to more easily remember the items along the way. ⁣

This mnemonic technique requires more practice and training to master, but it is extremely effective and used by many medical students to memorize the inordinate amounts of material that is required for them to know.⁣


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