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How Memorizing Times Tables Boosts Math Success

Expert math educators agree that one of the greatest contributions parents can make to their child’s education is to ensure that they memorize and understand their 1-11 times tables. ⁣

Although it may seem old-fashioned, learning the times table is crucial in building a strong foundation in math. ⁣

Here are some benefits of ensuring your child memorizes their times tables.⁣

Increased comprehension of complex mathematical concepts.⁣

Students who have not memorized the multiplication table, find higher-level math more difficult. It is harder for them to understand concepts and mathematics processes, when they are confused about the arithmetic steps in between each step. ⁣

Real-life Applications

Multiplication skills are constantly used in daily life such as doubling a recipe or shopping for multiple items. ⁣Try to engage your child in the memorization process by asking questions using real life situations, for example ask, “How many cups of sugar do we need if we double the recipe?”⁣

Builds confidence

Learning the times tables will give your child confidence in their own math skills which has proven to be one of the determining factors in math success. By no longer needing to use their fingers to calculate simple arithmetic your child will feel more adept at math overall and will have a stronger sense of self-efficacy. ⁣

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