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Tips to Help Students with ADHD

In recognition of October being ADHD Awareness Month, we want to shine light and break the stigma around ADHD.

While ADHD is characterized by certain behavioural difficulties relating to attentiveness, hyperactivity and focus, it is important to remember that children with ADHD still have the ability to learn successfully.

A way to help a child with ADHD is by creating a structure and program for their learning and day-to-day life that helps them mitigate their ADHD-related symptoms which can empower them for greater success! The key is to find ways to help replace certain behaviours with learned self-control and self-regulation behaviours.

Here are some easy tips you can implement with your child at home to increase attention and productivity.

1) Create Structure

Make a daily routine for your child to stick to everyday, schedule meals, school, playtime and bedtime. Working with your child to develop the routine often makes them more likely to want to participate in it every day.

2) Limit Distractions

Many children with ADHD tend to be easily distracted. Remove distractions such as television, video games and computer from their immediate vicinity to create a barrier for more impulsive behaviour

3) Reward Positive Behaviour

Use positive reinforcements such as tangible rewards, special privileges or verbal approval in response to them displaying positive target behaviours (such as focusing on homework for ten minutes at a time).

4) Encourage Exercise

Encourage your child to divert their excess energy to exercise. Research shows that even short bursts of physical activity can help children with ADHD to focus their attention and energy throughout the day.

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