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Ways to Integrate Active and Passive Learning

The beauty of individualized teaching is that it allows for each student to flourish using their own style of study.

While some children learn best reading through the textbook and writing notes on their own, others prefer a more hands-on approach in the learning process.

When teaching your child how to study it is best to use a mixture of both learning approaches until they can determine which form of studying works best for them.

📖 Passive learning is where the learner takes information from facts and details presented and absorbs the knowledge. This can include listening to lectures, reading and writing notes.

📖 Active learning on the other hand involves active participation in different activities to engage learning new information. Some examples of active learning are experiments and workshops, individual and group discussions, activities and projects.

Both active learning and passive learning have positive attributes that can benefit your child! 💛

1) Review class material through discussions with friends and family

2) Use topics and apply it to day-to-day life

3) Use math manipulatives to learn through play

4) Create projects and presentations on subjects learned in class

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