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ADHD Assessment Tools

Wondering how the assessment process for ADHD looks like? The assessment tools to properly diagnose ADHD are direct observation, medical exams, interviews and rating scales.

Direct Observation

The first part of an ADHD diagnostic assessment is a direct observation assessment. Teachers, parents or guardians should observe how the student interacts with their environment and take note of the social and physical aspect of the setting. The student should be unaware that

they are being observed so the results of the observations are not skewed.

Medical Exams and Interview

The purpose of a medical exam is to conceptualize more of a student’s personality, behavioural profile and psychosocial history. A medical doctor will attempt to ensure that no other disorders which may be causing these symptoms are present. The medical examination will involve an interview, a physical examination and a review of the child’s history and medical records.

Rating Scales

The final assessment tool is rating scales which are written in survey format and are used to establish any cognitive, behavioural and emotional problems associated with ADHD.

These 3 assessments used correctly will help provide a statically valid and treatment orientated diagnostic AHDH assessment for a student.

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