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Cut Study Time in Half With this Memory Trick!

Did you know within 24 hours of learning a piece of information our memory's retention of it drops from 100% to 30%?

This expedient memory decay starts within the first day. Researchers have found that with repetition, information can be retained in memory for longer periods of time.

By spacing out repeated learning and practice of new knowledge, you can improve your memory of the material. Students who use this spaced repetition method are able to remember significantly more with less effort.

Use this breakdown to space out your studying more effectively:

First repetition: 1 day after initial learning

Second repetition: 1 week after initial learning

Third repetition: 2 weeks after initial learning

Fourth repetition: 1 month after initial learning

With each repetition, memory retention of this knowledge increases leading to an extension of the interval for when the next repetition is required.

By implementing this study method, you can remember more information for longer periods of time and reduce the need for cramming before a big test or exam!

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