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Does your Child Struggle to Remember Math Steps?

Narrative-based math teaching helps students understand math more effectively by framing the algorithm steps of each problem as the plot points in a story.

Scholarly Elite tutors experience immensely positive results when explaining math concepts through the language-driven narrative lens because it helps students understand problems in words instead of with numbers (which is often the main confusing factor for learners).

This engaging method help students stay engaged and also helps them use different neurological pathways to solidify math learning for long-term success.

Here are a few simple steps you can use to teach math as a narrative.

1) Write down a simple written explanation for each step of a problem. Make sure that your child is part of the writing process (have them describe the step in their own words).

2) Use powerful imagery and words to create a story and explain concepts using words instead of numbers (ie. Say, “Monkeys squared = Monkeys x Monkeys”).

3) Think of each step as a chapter title and have the child name the title with you.

4) Play to your child’s interests - if they love hockey have the narrative develop around their favourite player or team.

5) Explain connections using characters. (ie. Describe the unknown variable “x” in algebra as a guy who has a cold that everyone wants to get away from).

By using this method, students can personalize mathematics, and connect it to their everyday lives. This not only helps them understand the concepts in a different way, but also helps them create stronger neurological connections to the material for long-term success.

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