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How to Create A Distraction Free Work Space

Our brains have evolved to constantly be on the lookout for new information in our environments. As such, having a lot of external sound, noise and debris in our immediate environment can actually be taxing for our brains to ignore.

One simple way to increase productivity is to eliminate any and all distractions that will cause your child to procrastinate. Ask your child if there are any noises, lights or other stimuli that they think would be helpful if removed from their study environment. Encourage them to turn off phones (or use Airplane Mode), TVs and other digital distractions for a set period of time while studying. Have them work only on their work for short periods of time and reward their focus with a 5-10 minute break where they are allowed to use their devices again.

This will help improve their focus, which allows them to do more work in less time. Creating a distraction-free study environment reduces the child’s mental stress associated with trying to actively avoid distractions as they present themselves.

This is a proven technique that studies have shown boosts productivity for optimal learning.

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