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How to Identify High Yield School Topics for Effective Studying

Overwhelmed with the amount of studying that needs to get done?

Knowing exactly which parts of a unit to study can help reduce study time and stress by reducing the time spent learning facts that won’t be tested.

These topics, referred to as “high yield subjects”, are ones that constitute a large portion of an exam. Here are some tips to help you identify important material in your studying.

✏️ Definition: Definitions of terms, laws, and theorems are considered very important. Test questions will usually ask for definitions or ask a question that requires you to know and understand the definition.

✏️ Formulas, equations and laws: Similar to definitions, it is important to understand formulas, equations and laws used in the class and textbooks. If your professor uses a formula in class, it is likely that you will be required to solve similar questions on exams. Ensure that you memorize the formulas as they may not give you the equations on test.

✏️ Highlighted material at the end of the unit in the textbook: This can include sections referred to ask “key words” and the review questions at the end of the unit.

✏️ Repeated material from class: If your professor repeats concepts in class or spends a great deal of time focusing on one topic it is usually an indication that the concept is important for future studying.

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