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Tackling Summer Learning Loss

Worried about your child falling further behind this summer? You’re not alone! Summer learning loss is  a well-documented phenomenon in which children lose academic skills and knowledge due to learning inactivity over the summer. ⁣

The latest research shows that summer learning loss was observed in math and reading across grades 3-8, with students losing a greater proportion of their school year gains each year as they grow older – anywhere from 20 to 50 percent.  The equivalent of one month of learning can be lost during vacation. ⁣

However, by keeping your child active with a few hours of learning every week, you can easily prevent learning loss and boost their success.⁣ Here are 4 great activities to prevent learning loss.

1. Structured Reading Time

Reading is a great way to build vocabulary and improve comprehension. Encourage your child to read eBooks borrowed from the library or physical copies. Ensure your child is reading books that they find interesting and a little challenging.⁣

2. Develop Math Skills

For many students 2-3 months of math skills are lost over the summer because math requires constant use and practice.⁣

Try working on 3-4 problems every day with concepts your child may have struggled with during the school year. At Scholarly Elite, we also focus on pre-teaching the next year’s curriculum for the highest level of success. ⁣

3. Encourage Creative Writing ⁣

Prompting your child to write consistently helps to build language skills such as spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. ⁣You can encourage them by choosing a topic each week to write a paragraph about as a prompt. ⁣ ⁣

4. Play Board Games ⁣

Board games are a fun way to encourage your child to think strategically and logically. ⁣ Chess and checkers are wonderful for developing strategic thinking, Battleship can teach your child about coordinates, and Scrabble is a fun way to practice spelling. ⁣

By consistently building these skills, you can help your child close learning gaps so they can perform their best during the upcoming year. ⁣

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