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Ways to Effectively Explain Math

Want to help your child understand math concepts more effectively?

Oftentimes, math steps that we as adults may think are simple (due to years of math exposure) might be much harder for children to grasp because the concept is entirely new to them. Thus, it is important to teach math in a way children can easily understand.

Here are 4 evidence-based tips to help your child have a more positive relationship with math learning.⁣

Tip #1: Show every single small step in the algorithm

It is important to show and explain every single step, even if it may seem redundant. This will help your child understand the process on a deeper level and will reduce the possibility of future confusion when they are working on concepts during a test

Tip #2: Approach each problem as if the concept is being explained for the first time

Children tend to not speak up about concepts they don’t understand typically because they enjoy the validation that comes with telling an adult that they understand completely. ⁣

Tip #3: Keep practicing until they can prove mastery

Encourage your child to teach the concepts back to you. This helps you recognize which areas to focus on for further explanation.

Tip #4: Show each step clearly and carefully

Rushing through a problem to try to answer more questions has been proven to be counterproductive. Spend time explaining each step and use words that your child can easily understand, and having them explain it back to you is a scientifically-proven method for greater success.⁣

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