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How to Create a Perfect Study Space

Research has shown that the environment a student studies in can have a strong impact on their learning. ⁣

⁣While studying in bed may be comfortable it has been proven to decrease productivity and knowledge retention. The body associates the bed with sleep, which tricks the brain into feeling tired. ⁣

Therefore, having a designated place to study is important, as it will help your child concentrate and focus on their tasks. ⁣

Here are some simple tips to create a study space at home.⁣

  1. Comfort - Set up an easy-to-access comfortable space, that is not too comfortable – ie. a designated desk with an ergonomic chair. ⁣

  2. Availability - Ensure easy access to everything needed to study and have materials such as books, notes, pencils, earplugs etc. in the study space at all times.⁣

  3. Location ⁣- If possible, find a space with natural lighting that is devoid of many external distractions like TVs and other people. ⁣

  4. Organization ⁣- Keep the study space clean and distraction-free. Encourage your child to tidy up the space each week to keep things organized for greater success. ⁣

Working collaboratively with your child to find what works best for their learning is a great way to empower them. ⁣

By making them part of the decision-making process they will feel more motivated and will be more likely to want to learn in this optimal study location. ⁣

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