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The Cornell Note Taking Method Explained in 6 Simple Steps

Preparation is said to be the best pathway to success. One note taking strategy helps students organize their learning material more effectively during class to improve knowledge retention for greater success.

The Cornell Note-Taking Method follows these 6 simple steps and will help you reduce study time and improve your marks.

1) Record

Separate your note pages into two columns that each take up 25 and 75 percent of the page. In the small column record definitions as stated but summarize and paraphrase the facts and ideas presented.

2) Question

In the left column write down test questions based on the notes on the right you’ve taken in the record stage. Questions should focus on the specific definitions and main ideas. Include clues to the questions on the side.

3) Recite

Explain the information in the notes aloud from looking at the questions you’ve prepared. Cover up the notes, use the clues to recite the information and check your answers. This step is proven to improve learning, ensure understanding and improve your ability to retrieve information.

4) Reflect

Think about the information and connect it with personal experience, observations and other facts and ideas. Reflect on which part you find confusing

5) Summarize

On a new page write a summary of the main ideas using your own words in the same type of language you would use verbally to test how well you understand the information.

6) Review

Review nightly or several times a week by reciting but not rereading. Frequently review the material over time and don’t cram the material the night before.

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