Build strong Math, Reading & Writing foundations

Elementary Foundations

Education without a structured learning strategy is leaving students with great potential behind. Build a strong foundation that enables your child to succeed.

Math success is driven by concept mastery

Why do smart students struggle with math? The school curriculum rushes through key concepts and does not facilitate mastery for long-term success.

As core math skills are ignored confusion snowballs and becomes a long-term issue. Your child’s academic advantage is built with solid foundational math skills.

Deserving students must achieve math fluency that allows them to solve any problem using a proven framework.

Looking for a math success strategy that lasts? We can unleash your child’s math potential and reduce math anxiety.

Winning the reading and writing fight with parents

Audit this for truth: When trying to outrun your child’s reading and writing struggles isn’t working, your problem is not your child’s capacity for success.

It’s friction in the approach.

You can get a lot of data from your child’s teacher, the school and your own reading sessions that tells you they’re not progressing in their reading skills. Conventional wisdom says that the only way to improve is to keep doing more of the same.

Conventional wisdom is wrong.

For most children, lack of effort is not the problem. The problem is friction in the process of acquiring targeted phonological and morphological awareness and grammar skills.

Want to ensure your child doesn’t fall behind?  We can build your child’s reading skills through an individualized approach for success.

Accelerate Growth

What Parents Say

“Scholarly Elite has by far the best tutoring program out there – hands down, no question about it. Their assessment process is so detail-oriented, and their dedication to student success is unparalleled. Before finding Scholarly Elite we took our daughter to three other tutoring companies over the years. I can confidently say Scholarly Elite’s method is 100% the gold standard.”

— Pembe B., Google Review

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