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High School Success

Knowing where to start is half the battle. Build a strong foundation that enables your teen to succeed.

Addressing academic struggles early helps students succeed before it affects their confidence.

Why do smart high school students struggle in silence? Because they’re embarrassed to ask the important questions in front of their classmates.

As academic difficulties persist teens develop greater levels of anxiety and procrastination. Google and Youtube videos can help your teen with specific questions . But, addressing and building your teen’s fundamental subject-specific achievement skills will ensure they succeed.

Deserving students must diagnose and address their exact academic roadblocks to avoid falling too far behind.

Looking for a new academic success strategy?  We can locate your teen’s precise friction points in each subject and reduce school-related stress.

Built for Results

Student Success

“My experience with Scholarly Elite has been wonderful. They provided me with my own personal plan, an extremely intelligent tutor and tons of support. I believe Scholarly Elite has helped me on a better pathway to success.”

— Matthew Antonis, Google Review

Want a new perspective on growth?

The struggle isn’t real

Your teen’s homework habits and procrastination most likely aren’t the problem. At least, they aren’t the source of their struggle.

We watch parents obsess over time management strategies and homework completion, and focus all their efforts on the wrong problem.

What’s the real struggle?

Audit this for truth: when trying to overcome academic problems by focusing on current struggles isn’t working, then the problem is not today’s homework.

It’s fundamental skills from previous grades.

You can get a lot of data from tests, assignments and homework problems that tell you your child is struggling.

Conventional wisdom says concepts taught in your teen’s current grade level are the root of the issue.

Conventional wisdom is wrong.

For most students, their comprehension of this year’s school work isn’t the problem. Their problem is friction in applying core skills to current work.

Great students eliminate friction first

Winning students work tirelessly to eliminate friction and master fundamental skills from previous grades in order to accelerate growth. Until friction is removed, academic efforts will never be able to provide the results they deserve.

Removing friction reduces test anxiety and study time and increases the effectiveness of all of your teen’s academic efforts. And, when your teen’s academic advantage is a strong foundation, they stress less while achieving the success they deserve.


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Step 2

Master Fundamentals


Step 3

Learn Ahead to Build Confidence

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